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I am a french photographer, and actually I am most of the times living in Majunga, the town on the north west of Madagascar. I loved to take pictures since my childhood : when I was a teenager, there was a darkroom in a library near my house, and I was going there to develop my pictures in black and white : it was since this time a passion to capture the beauty of life  when I walk outside : seing through my camera makes me slow down, and brings happiness to me … I love particularly taking pictures of landscape, and since some days, i would like to experiment more and more macro .. When I am travelling, I take tons and tons of pictures , with the colors of the light changing … even when I am working in my shop, I am always trying to see texture, the light , the beauty of one leaf … trying to see it as a photographer .. I am trying to give in my picture, the feeling I got when I took the picture .. I am trying to give back the same light, the same color of what I saw in reality …

 With my pictures I am showing things which can disappear and time which is going without nostalgia


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